HML Group Raise Money at Dumball Rally 2017

Jade Francis, our brilliant property manager from HML Chilton took part in the Dumball 2017 challenge held in India in January 2017.

The Dumball Rally is an extreme driving challenge across 2,500 miles of some of the toughest roads in the world. Starting in the desert of Rajasthan we will travel though northern India to Goa in old school Mahindra jeeps.

The Dumball Rally is the world famous fancy dress festival on wheels; where Jade and friends decided to take the theme of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. Creating the Croft and Jones adventures.

Pictures from Dumball Rally 2017 from India to Goa

Read about her adventures here….

“I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life, the country was beautiful and full of colour everywhere you looked, the locals were so friendly and we caused chaos everywhere we went as they were all so curious by the jeeps and our costumes.

We made so many friends on the journey and amongst all the fun we were having we always remembered why we were there and what an amazing difference the money raised will make to those struggling back home.

We did have some bother along the way but they do say ‘when you are on Dumball, if anything can go wrong, it will’ and that was certainly the case! On the way to the airport my dad hit a dear on the M4 just before getting on the M25 and totalled his car, we had to wait for the AA to come and recover his car and then everyone (luggage included) had to pile into my car for the rest of an uncomfortable journey.

We then landed in Jodhpur after our internal flight and waited for our case at the conveyor belt, it didn’t arrive! Turns out my gun holster contained real bullets and of course the Indian authorities didn’t like this and retained the case back at Mumbai airport. After many phone calls from our tour guide to the airport he finally convinced them to send the case and we then received it the following day where it caught up with us in the middle of the desert.

We had daily challenges which ranged from; building a sandcastle (which we did with a JCB), give a local a lift, go to a locals house for tea, fit as many locals in one of the jeeps as possible, haggle with a local etc., I am proud to say at the awards ceremony at the end of the 10 days our squadron won the award for completing all of the challenges.

It was hard work each day as we were driving 200 – 300 miles a day and the road were not like they are back here, you could drive maybe 40, 50 kilometres per hour at most, that coupled with stopping and taking in the surroundings, toilets breaks, food stops, challenges etc. you can imagine it took about 10 hours each day minimum, but every second was worth it and I would do it all again tomorrow.

In total the Dumballers of 2017 raised a whopping £149,091.74 which is incredible and will go such a long way to supporting teenagers and young adults as they struggle through some of the toughest times in their lives.”

View Jade’s Dumball 2017 donation page where she individually raised £1921,00 for Teenage Cancer Trust – a charity close to her heart.

Money raised