About Bermondsey

Our Bermondsey office was one of our amazing acquisitions – Managed Living Partnership. We welcomed the MLP team to our HML family in 2016.

Another one of our Greater London offices – perfectly positioned to service the Southwark Borough and beyond.

Our reputation is built on a proven ability to manage our clients’ expectations – whether those of a resident, landlord, resident management company or developer – and provide them with exceptional customer service, built on a foundation of knowledge, understanding and professionalism.

Dealing mainly with residential properties, our portfolio is varied and includes a mixture of high profile buildings in prime locations, together with new-build flats, mansion blocks and private estates. We strongly believe in accessibility, transparency and in fostering a caring environment, displaying respect towards our clients and the developments we manage. By offering a professional and supportive service, we relieve our clients of the routine work associated with property management, and enable volunteer directors and residents’ associations to act efficiently and effectively.
House conversions, private estates, modern high-rise buildings and large and mixed-use developments all form part of our portfolio. Each property is looked after by a designated team; a property manager, assistant and client accountant, so there should always be someone who knows your building. Our business is based on integrity, professionalism and honesty, which we extend to every single one of our customers when managing their property. More than anything, we are real people managing real properties; so no matter how big or small your property is, we always endeavour to manage it with a personal touch.

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