Acquiring a property is a life-changing investment, which is why managing that property is all the more important to ensure your investment is protected for the future. With an office based in the beautiful city of Bath, we’ve been providing professional property management services to the local area for over 20 years! We think we’re pretty good at what we do, so do lots of our clients!

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If you are looking for a new managing agent, or appointing one for the first time, it can be quite a daunting prospect but we are on hand to answer any questions you may have. If we have recently taken over the management of your development and you're unsure about any matter, please check our help section before contacting your property manager. If you have any specific queries regarding either management or lettings, please contact us. Whatever your query, we’re here to help.

1 Widcombe Parade, Bath, BA2 4JT

Tel: 01225 475 740


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Whilst our focus is on providing the best possible property management services, we can also offer our clients associated professional and tailored services. This strengthens our overall service offering, helping to take the stresses out of the day to day management of your property.

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  • Residential Property Management

    Residential Property Management

    We have been looking after properties for over 50 years - homes just like yours - providing expertise and attention to detail, which reassures property owners and meets all relevant...

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  • Lettings


    Although our core business is property management, we put the same care and attention into ensuring that the needs of our lettings clients are fully and comprehensively catered for. We...

    More about our service
  • HML Online Services

    HML Online Services

    The HML Group introduced its tailored secure portal enabling property owners to log in anytime, anywhere! Our customers now have complete control over their profiles and we’re proud to be...

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  • Concierge Services

    Concierge Services

    HML Concierge Services employs site staff directly, thereby relieving clients of onerous responsibilities and the risk associated with employing staff. HML Concierge Services will take care of everything; from recruitment...

    More about our service
  • Company Secretarial

    Company Secretarial

    Our dedicated property managers will ensure your company runs smoothly and efficiently. Many RMC's choose to have their appointed managing agent to act as Company Secretary. For an annual fee,...

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  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    We look to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve! Did you know that as a freeholder, or a director of a resident’s management company, you are responsible...

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  • Building Surveying

    Building Surveying

    Chartered Surveyors do more than supervise building works, they are also experienced in dealing with complex issues and they can provide expert witness advice in many situations.

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  • Insurance


    Maximum cover, minimum hassle. Buildings insurance is often the most expensive item a block will incur. It is therefore essential that sufficient insurance cover is in place in the event...

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  • House Builders & Developers

    House Builders & Developers

    We work with house builders and developers and prepare management strategies for their new developments. We use the expertise from our experienced Business Development team

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The Important Stuff

Here at HML Chilton we have lots of important information that we’d like to share with you. This is to help you learn more about us a company and for you to get an insight into exactly how your property is managed.

Please take time to review each section to become familiar with the processes we take to ensure your property is managed just the way you want.

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  • Thank you for all the mail, especially the prompt minutes for the meetings. It is so reassuring to work with you: thank you. Director at Brompton House
  • I have been dealing with Management Co.’s for in excess of 20yrs - and recently had the pleasure (as an owner of a flat within 36 Brock Street, Circus Mansions BA1 2LJ) of attending a meeting being chaired / managed by Joy. I cannot convey enough how impressed I was regards her professionalism, knowledge (specially of our building) the industry and the law plus her enthusiasm to ensure all partied attending were 100% clear on all matters in hand and all matters that required progress/managing. She was clearly passionate about her role and responsibilities and was highly effective and diplomatic in dealing with any concerns. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Joy - she is an exceptional ambassador for HML Chilton - and made me feel incredibly confident our building was in great hands. I hope this note can be passed to those responsible for recognition of great work within your organisation. I look forward to our ongoing dealings. Owner at 36 Brock Street
  • We have just returned from 5 days looking after our granddaughters in York to find the cheque waiting for us. Thank you so much! You certainly have a catalytic effect! Tenant at Sheldon Mill
  • Well done – you’re a genius Something is actually going to be done at Diana house !!!!!! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Owner at Diana House
  • Thank you very much Victoria you’ve been the best building management experience I’ve ever had. Director at 20 Kensington Place
  • But I particularly wanted to thank you Jade for getting this work completed. I hope that you stay with us at Tyning No.3 as you seem to be really very efficient. Thanks for doing such a good job. Director at Tynings No.3
  • P.S. You have done more for the property in the last few days than anyone else has over the last 2 years, thank you. Tenant at Bridgewater House
  • I am writing to express my thanks to you and Lizzie Dowler for the excellent service you provided as agents for the above property. During my tenancy I experienced extremely good communication between myself and HML Chiton. Fortunately there were very few instances where I needed to make contact however when I did, your replies were always swift. I have had occasion to rent furnished property before and the service that you provided was in my opinion the most positive. Again many thanks for helping to make my tenancy so successful. Tenant at Wymouth Street
  • Many thanks for this. You are a breath of fresh air, this is helpful and efficient. You have of course now set the expected standard! Best Wishes. Tenant at Sheldon Mill
  • Victoria is the contact for the management company and has provided 100% great service  Tenant at Park Street
  • Wow! Thank you for being so efficient! Tenant at Cleveland Place East
  • Again our personal thanks for your superb work as Brompton's property manager. Director at Brompton House
  • I am very sorry, and, personally, sad that you will no longer be our Property Manager. We have valued your professionalism, calm and patience enormously especially in the midst of our troubles this year. However, I do hope that this is a good and positive move for you and that you are pleased with it. Tenant at Northanger Court
  • Just wanted to thank you for your patience and help yesterday. I did put you in the firing line, I know, and you have a flavour of some of the problems the directors have been experiencing. It's a pity people come with unresolved personal issues and long for a verbal pitch battle. You acted with firm resolve and professionalism and have won the support and admiration of those residents present. Quite a test. You definitely deserve the 'Hon' on your business card! We shall be in contact again next week. Thank you again. Director at Admirals Court
  • Thanks for mailing back. I am very pleased with the progress and I hope the others are too. Without wishing to make hishead swell too much, and at risk to you of him demanding a pay increase, he has done a fantastic job at Waterloo House and that was hugely evident on Monday as it seems to be running really smoothly; huge thanks to him. Director at Julian House

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  • Q.How do I receive communication from HML? Again, we want to make everything as quick and as easy for you as we can. When it comes to...
  • Q.How can I pay my bill? We want to make the process of paying bills as quick and easy for you as we can. We therefore...
  • Q.Do you offer an out-of-hours service for emergencies? We operate an out-of-hours service designed to handle emergencies (operational upon subscription). Clients are able to call for assistance outside...
  • Q.How do you deal with complaints? We take our customer service very seriously and all complaints are handled efficiently and professionally. A copy of our formal...
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